Andrew Mangan - professional voice over bloke, Dublin, Ireland. .

I am a voiceover bloke from Dublin, Ireland.


I can do voiceovers for you. It's very simple, you give me a script, I speak into a microphone, you get your script in audio format and then you give me some money. The amount of money depends entirely on the script, the amount of time it takes and all that. We can work it out though, it's never a problem.


I'll do radio ads, TV ads, narrations, radio station/DJ IDs and jingles, voiceovers for public shows/events, presentations, audio books and even IVRs/phone system announcements ("Please click 1 now to repeat these options"), anything you like. You're the boss.


I can produce your stuff in my home studio and provide you with top class product in your preferred format, or I can go to a studio you have pre-arranged. Whatever suits you.


I'm happy to answer any questions you might have - simply get in touch via the contact page and check out the Showreel page for demos of my work.


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